Joe Czech

My love for aviation started in a gas station parking lot near the approach end of Runway 30L at MSP Airport. On the weekends, my dad would take me to watch airplanes for hours on end while he grabbed a newspaper and coffee to pass the time. In 1997, I attended ACE Camp as a student which ultimately sealed my fate for a career in aviation. After countless hours at the airport, flying ‘Flight Simulator’ on the home computer, and listening to pilots and controllers on my handheld aviation radio, I pursued my love for aviation at the University of North Dakota. Graduated in 2005 and then hired by the FAA in 2006 as an Air Traffic Controller at Grand Forks International Airport. I then transferred in 2009 to the airport where I spent so many hours on the ‘outside’ and now I call home which is Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. I have been involved with ACE Camp since 2009 as a counselor, director, and on the planning committee. Being surrounded with students with the same passion and love of aviation that I do is something that keeps me coming back year after year to help shape and guide their bright futures.