Anthony-Paul Zerafa

Anthony began flight training a week after graduating High School in New York. He moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota and started pursuing his degree in Commercial Aviation that summer. He worked as Flight Instructor at UND until graduating in 2010. He found his first job in Vegas flying a Cirrus Aircraft for high-end clients. The hours spent in the air eventually landed him in the right seat of Embraer 175 at Compass Airlines. Compass was apart of ALPA the largest airline pilot union in the world representing more than 61,000 pilots. His passion for union work began as a scheduling coordinator. In 2015, he was elected as MEC Chairman where he went on to represent thousands of pilots in big decision making processes. In April 2017, he was hired at FedEx and now flies the Boeing 777 out of Memphis. Anthony met Katrina Mittelstadt while working at Compass Airlines and decided to throw himself into the craziness. Anthony now comes back each year to help mentor, teach and run errands for Katrina all week. Anthony has been an Assistant Director and senior mentor since 2015. He currently lives in Saint Paul with his adorable girlfriend, Lindsay Davis and their 16 house plants.