Daniel Picardo

I have been an ACE Camp Counselor for seven years, and started volunteering because when I
was the age of the students in this program, I had no idea what I wanted to “do.” I remember a
feeling of uncertainty about my future, not knowing which career to seek, or even where to
start. But I also remember how important my mentors were in finding the path I eventually
took, the path I am still pursuing, and my hope is to pass a similar mentorship along to those
students who are now in that same early and uncertain position.
I learned my trade in the US Army as an Air Traffic Control Systems and Electronics Repair
Technician. I also learned about some of the practical applications of aviation as a paratrooper,
and, eventually, as a Facility Maintenance Chief in the 101 st Airborne Division (CAB).
I was able to build upon my success in the Army with a seamless transition into a career with
Federal Aviation Administration Technical Operations; first as an Airway Transportation Systems
Specialist maintaining and repairing Radar, Communication, and Navigation systems and
equipment in Southeast Minnesota and Wisconsin, and now as the Coordinator for Navigation
and Communication in Central Minnesota. In addition to representing FAA Tech Ops as an ACE
Camp Counselor, I also speak for the FAA throughout the year at schools and career fairs
around the Twin Cities.
I am currently pursuing further undergraduate studies outside the fields of electronics and
aviation, studying Cultural Studies, Comparative Literature, and Language at the University of
Una nota: Aunque inglés es la lengua global de aviación, hablo español también, y puedo
traducir para ti o tu familia si necesitan más información sobre nuestra programa o si tienen
alguna pregunta.