Lauren Hensley

Lauren has been a Minnesota Aviation Career Camp counselor since July of 2016, when she was a Sophomore in the Professional Flight Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She keeps coming back to ACE Camp because she can see how valuable of an experience it is for the staff and students alike. Her only regret - She wishes that she had known of such an opportunity when she was first beginning to pursue aviation. While at the university Lauren joined Women in Aviation, International and excelled in her classes and flight training alike. Through hard work, dedication and immense focus Lauren was able to complete all of the required training to attain her certification as a Certified Flight Instructor in just three years, one year ahead of the allocated time to complete. She credits much of her success to the generosity of those that helped her along the way. In the world of aviation, networking is as important as your stick and rudder skills. The connections you will make at ACE Camp will last.