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Where do I drop my son/daughter off at?

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Downtown St. Paul Holman Airport Terminal Building 898 Bayfield, St. Paul, MN We will have signs and balloons to help you know you've arrived!


I will not be present for check-in. What things need to be arranged in advance for my son/daughter?

My son/daughter is coming in from out of state. Will somebody be picking him/her up?

My son/daughter is going to be late... Help!

My son/daughter has special dietary and/or medical concerns. Who do I need to talk to and is there anything else I need to provide to your staff?

Will there be an opportunity for them to run/swim/access a fitness center/etc.?

Where do I pick up my son/daughter?

My son/daughter is out of state and has a flight following graduation. What do I need to do to ensure they make their flight?