Frequently Asked questions

Do I need to have any prior aviation knowledge to be interested in ACE?

Absolutely not! That is our mission here at ACE Camp - Aviation Career Education. Whether you come from a legacy of aviators or are first generation we welcome you to the family. Come learn about the best careers in the industry!

Where do I drop my son/daughter off at?

South St. Paul Airport 1725 Henry Avenue South St. Paul, Minnesota 55075. We will have signs and balloons to help you know you've arrived!

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I will not be present for check-in. What things need to be arranged in advance for my son/daughter?

We will make special arrangements for transportation to/from Minneapolis-St. Paul's International Airport if your student is traveling from out of state. Please coordinate well in advance with your camp's director to make.

June Camp: Cheri Rohlfing (507) 469-0884 or

July Camp: Katrina Mittelstadt (210) 527-7680

They will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be patient.

My son/daughter is going to be late... Help!

Check-in time is extremely busy and very important. Every effort should be made to make it to the scheduled check-in time. It is here that photo identification badges for the week are made, forms are processed and any medical and health concerns regarding your son or daughters stay with us are recorded. We do understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. If such an occasion arises please contact your camp director as soon as possible to make arrangements in advance.

My son/daughter has special dietary and/or medical concerns. Who do I need to talk to and is there anything else I need to provide to your staff?

Please note any and all concerns on your application. During check-in we will reverify this information and speak with each parent individually regarding more specific information. The small-group counselor as well as the Assistant Director and Camp Director will be advised of the information and any applicable medications brought to camp. Medications will be left with the staff unless it is determined the student can safely administer personal medication to themselves.

Will there be an opportunity for them to run/swim/access a fitness center/etc.?

Throughout the course of camp there will be opportunities for regular exercise in a recreational setting - playing kickball, swimming at the beach and similar activities. There is a fitness center near our hotel accommodations, however, our hotel is on an active military base and the student will need to be escorted at all times. Typically those students training for an event or competition do not have extra allocated time to complete any additional training program(s). Please see our sample schedule in the description of camp for an overview of our days at camp. Most days our activities begin earlier than a typical school day (7 a.m.) and end much later (10 p.m.). With those things in mind, we will make every possible effort to accommodate requests, but please understand if they cannot be met.

Where do I pick up my son/daughter?

Graduation is to be held at The Altitude Room at the Intercontinental Hotel adjacent to Terminal 1 at the MSP airport.

Parking is $5/vehicle to park, we'll provide parking vouchers after the ceremony

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My son/daughter is out of state and has a flight following graduation. What do I need to do to ensure they make their flight?

Graduation typically runs until about 11:30 or noon on graduation day. This is an opportunity for the students to show some of the things they learned during camp by participating in their small group's presentations and receive their diplomas. If possible, flights after 1:00 p.m. would be preferable. Transportation to/from the Minneapolis airport will be unavailable until graduation is complete.