Sebastien Doat

Anyone who is hesitant of what career in aviation they’d want to pursue and are curious to learn and have a look at the behind the scenes of how everything in the aviation industry
works, and one where only few get access to, this Camp is for you! You’ll get access to behind the scene aviation employment such as visiting air traffic control centers during working hours, having access to both air traffic control simulators and different flight simulators. Plus, you will get to fly a glider, a helicopter, and other different airplanes with an instructor. Your flight instructor will even allow you to take the controls and participate in flying the planes in the air. You’ll also be visiting the Delta hub, different air museums, get lots
of presentations on different career options, drone flying, stories from airline pilots and how to become one, see how training for becoming a flight attendant is and so much more. From my experience, this camp opened my eyes and answered many of my questions I had ever had about aviation. The instructors were so nice and supportive and I felt comfortable and safe asking them many of my questions about the aviation industry. The hosts made me feel like a king! The environment was such that I was able to create strong lasting bonds with other campers and make new friends that share the same interest as me. It’s an experience I’ll never forget! The food is perfect, everything is really well organized!

Believe it or not, I came all the way from Belgium to attend ACE Camp. This Camp helped me decide that I want to become a pilot. Also, it made me realize that I loved flying more than ever. After this camp, I went on to attend a Glider Camp and flew solo after 8 hours of flight time. As I stated above, if you are curious or contemplating a career in the aviation industry, this is a perfect place to start.


                                            Ashley Christian

My ACE camp experience was one for the books!  Not only did I get to meet life long friends, but I got more educated on what it was that I was passionate about. ACE camp also helps you get more opportunities. Take me as an example, I got a NASA scholarship! There will be many people there to help guide you along the way of your future training and career and all of them have experience in what your interested in.


Ellie Langdon

For me, the Aviation Career Education camp was not your average overnight summer camp learning about airplanes. It was a total realization of what my future could potentially look like. Yes, we learned about airplanes, but I was also taught so much more such as networking skills, college options, career pathways in the aviation field, basic flying techniques, aviation history, helicopter training, military options, and so much more. The counselors who took a week of their lives to volunteer for young aspiring individuals were a crucial aspect of the entire experience. During the week, the counselors devoted themselves to help young strangers create and plan a successful future as well as creating an accepting atmosphere for all the campers. At ACE camp, I met so many aspiring young teenagers who shared a similar interest in
the career they wanted to pursue. The friends I have made, both counselors and campers, I still keep in close touch with to this day. After the week was over, I was determined to start my career as a pilot by joining memberships such as Women in Aviation and enrolling in a ground school course through Mankato State University. To this day, I continue to pursue my career by earning my private pilot’s license with two other ACE camp alumni. Thanks to ACE camp, I was exposed to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that would ultimately lead to the start of my career in aviation.