"Education is the ability to meet life’s situations"

Dr. John G. Hibben, former President of Princeton University

Welcome to Minnesota's Aviation Career Education Camp! We are so happy you are here to learn more about this incredible educational experience. ACE Camp and our wonderful staff have been connecting students with the aviation industry for more than twenty-five consecutive years.

We invite you to explore all we have to offer and look forward to meeting you!




Aviation is a vital part of our country's commerce and supports thousands of dependent industries. Aviation outreach and education is one of the most impactful ways that we can attract new talent and ideas to the exciting future that lies ahead and provide support for the beginnings of the careers that will write that history.



During our week at camp students will log their first hours with FAA Certified Flight Instructors piloting single engine training aircraft, gliders, helicopters and a special time slot in two full-motion airline simulators. A favorite is always an observation flight with the Air Force Reserve in their C-130 Hercules transport aircraft!



Connections begin here! With more than 40 tours and speakers throughout the week there is something special for every interest and new discoveries to be made. Whether becoming a pilot, air traffic controller, maintenance technician, drone operator, aerospace engineer or one of the thousands of career paths aviation offers we have what you're looking for.   


A mile of highway will take you a mile down the road, a mile of runway will take you anywhere in the world.  

-author unknown

During the course of our week students receive a full-access pass to Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan's aviation community - small group visits with Delta Air Line's 'Below the Wing' tour where students get to shadow employees on the ramp during a working flight, preauthorized visits to Minneapolis Air Traffic Control Tower, 'A Day in the Life' experience at an airline's flight attendant training facility and of course piloting their own aircraft all with FAA Certified Flight Instructors in gliders, helicopters, general aviation training aircraft, a special full-motion airline simulator time slot and much, much more. Please see our example schedule for the complete list of previous year's camp activities. Industry professionals and our leadership compliment all activities with inspiring and informational presentations. All meals and accommodations are included in the admission fee for the camp. This includes three meals, plus snacks and single-occupancy hotel rooms on the Air National Guard Base at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. 

In our 27 year history we have graduated hundreds of students, many of whom are now also industry professionals and our current counselors & volunteers. We are proud to be adding to our ACE Camp Family every year!